Efficient Running is a 3 module multi-media and interactive course designed to teach all military members and civilians to be healthier and better runners. Running is a critical component in the USAF Fitness Assessment as well as an excellent activity for overall health. We hope to integrate this into the education of all military members preparing for their Fitness Assessment (FA). More specifically the modules could be used as a directed tool for those having difficulty with the FA. Here is an outline of the course. The full course is about 60 minutes. Click on the arrows on the lower right of the pages to advance the multimedia slides.

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Efficient Running Module 1 - The Science of the Efficient Runner

Running Fitness and Health
The Evolution of Running
Building the Endurance Engine
The Principles of Good Running Form
Injury Prevention
Shoe Matters
Healthy Nutrition

Efficient Running Module 2 - For the Provider/Trainer

Provider Instruction of Training Endurance
Teaching the Efficient Running Form
Drills to reinforce movement patterns
Assessing Strength and Mobility

Efficient Running Module 3 - For the Individual Airman

Self-Instruction of Building Endurance
Learning the Efficient Running
1-2-3 Run method
Drills to reinforce movement patterns
Self Assessment Strength and Mobility
Fitness Assessment specifics
Tailor a 6 month schedule to YOU - Beginner, Maintenance, Tune for the Test
Fitness Assessment Day specific strategies
Resource Sheet for additional references

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